September 29, 2016

Tips For Updating Your Decor

Things change, people change & trends change! One of the blessings (& curses) about being able to make my own furniture is that I change my decor style ALOT. Here is a list of tips that I use when changing up my decor.

1. De-clutter. This is single handedly the most useful tip I can give you. Get rid of clutter and get rid of the pieces that no longer suit your style! You'll feel amazing with a "blank slate."

2. Find an inspiration piece. Whether it's a vintage clock you bought, a piece of art you own, or even a label you like the colours on ~ find one item that will help you plan your room out. For example: I found this copper ornament at home sense that inspired my recent bathroom renovation. It helped me find other pieces & pull everything together. 

3. Plan it out. Spend some time on pinterest looking at different layouts. Make some drawings. Use tape on the walls where you would be hanging stuff. If it flows the way you want it to great, if it doesn't at least you haven't made holes in the wall where you don't need them (speaking from experience).

4. A can of paint works wonders. It really can change the entire feel of a room, without spending a ton of dough. It is the easiest way to update without having to purchase all new furniture or decor. My favourite GRAY tones that I used in my house are: Behr Cathedral Grey, Behr Polar Bear & Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

5. Do what you can, within your budget. I know personally, when I want something done I want it done yesterday. Recently I have taken the time to chip away at updates & purchase unique pieces here and there whenever I find a good deal. Don't pressure yourself into updating your whole house in one day. Take your time and hunt for those deals! Some of my favourite places to shop for decor are: Wayfair, Home Sense, Winners, Timber & Gray, Value Village & Good Will. 

I hope you find these tips useful! We offer a number of different design services that can help bring your pinterest dreams to life. Contact us to discuss!