September 22, 2016

The Importance of Shopping Small

1. Timber & Gray customer pays for deposit on their order.

2. Tatum goes to building supply store that employees a local student part time. Tatum buys local Canfor lumber to use for customer order. Hey, your friends husband works for Canfor! Sweet.

3. On the way home Tatum stops by the farmer's market to grab vegetables for dinner. 

4. Tatum finishes up customer order and prepares it for pickup. Customer pays for completed order.

5. Tatum pays her mortgage. 

{repeat 1 - 5}

When you shop small & buy local, more of your money stays in the community and strengthens our local economy. It's hard to think about the "bigger" picture when you shop small, but it causes a chain of reactions that are so beneficial to our economy. 

Thank-you for supporting local.


Tatum {Timber + Gray}