February 24, 2019

Master Bedroom Update {CHEAP + EASY}

Hi Friends! If you've followed along my insta stories then you know I shared our SUPER simple + cheap master bedroom update. We moved into our home last December and although it was a "new" build... it was very builder basic. I'm MAKING the time this year to add some character into this house and make it our home. I had lots of questions on our stories so I figured I'd share everything here in one easy to read post!
Now I'm gonna be REAL with you. I've wasted a lot of money buying crap for my home that I thought I needed because it was trendy on the gram *cough cough* rae dunn ware etc. This year I've made a conscious effort to add VALUE to our home. I knew I wanted a change in our bedroom, and I also knew that I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Like really, the least amount of money possible. So I started out with paint. Painting isn't my most favourite job, but it can completely transform a room for a fairly low cost. The paint colour I chose was BEHR Black Ink. I didn't want to commit to a fully black wall, and because my other walls are light gray, I wanted the dark colour to have a tinge of navy blue. I did two coats in eggshell finish. It's scary because you can really see your roller marks when it's wet but thankfully it dried perfectly.
Cost $64.00 for a gallon? (normal sized can) of paint + paint brush. I already had a roller at home.
Let's talk decor. I wanted a more simplistic approach to decorating since the dark wall was such a statement. And again, I didn't want to have to go out and purchase new things to style the room. I used a hack from pinterest via CHRISLOVESJULIA on how to create large prints for cheap. I had our family photo printed on a 24" x 36" poster at staples. It cost about $25 bucks. The frame I purchased previously from michaels using their 50% off on item coupon, the only way to shop at that store in my opinion. The wool garland is from our Christmas collection but I feel that it's neutral enough to use all year round and adds some texture to the shelf. The signs are from our new mini spring release collection, but because you asked so nicely we've added to the website and you can purchase HERE. They are framed in our natural, unstained pine frame and I love the minimalist vibe they give off. 
Cost: $25 for the print. If you don't have an existing frame to use get yoself a michaels 50% off coupon. I want to say the frame ended up being around $40. 
The floating shelf is a #palletcraft DIY blast from the past. Like for real, when's the last time you seen a pallet hack show up lately. They are super easy to build and best part is they are FREE! Well, you might have to purchase a couple 2x4's if you don't have any "lying" around but basically free. HERE is a great tutorial from Shanty2Chic on building floating shelves. 
Cost: FREE if you have ample scrap wood lying around. Even if you don't, maybe around $10.
 The headboard is from wayfair. You can click HERE to view it. I spent quite a bit of time reading reviews. Wayfair is great, but you definitely get what you pay for. I didn't want to spend over $1000 on a bed frame + headboard and this one has survived a move. Our bedding is an oldie but goodie from IKEA. If you've never purchased bedding from there it's an absolute MUST. The price cannot be beat and they wash so well! This set has to be close to 3 years old. 
Because I was able to "shop my own home" I was able to finish this project under a $100. If you're feeling the urge to splurge on new stuff I strongly recommend moving items around from room to room into new spots. I once felt that once an item was in a certain space it had to stay there. Not the case! Do you have a room you want to transform on a budget?